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The Process


Although walk-ins are welcome, to guarantee availability we suggest booking an appointment at our store in Hong Kong. If you are based overseas, you may book one in advance for when we tour your location.

Empire International Tailors Shop in Hong Kong

Empire International Tailors Shop in Hong Kong


2/ Fabric Selection, Measurements & Style Details

a.) We carry a large collection of fabrics from different seasonal weights to patterns, textures, and colors.

Suit Tailor Fabric Hong Kong Tailors

b.) After you've decided on your fabric(s), our tailors will take your measurements and note down your style and fit preferences

tailor suits taylor store


An initial fitting of the garment will be prepared based on the notes and measurements taken during your first visit. This is the part where you try on an incomplete draft of the garment and you discuss your fitting and styling requirements with the tailor. 

custom suit

4/ Final Fitting

A final trial is arranged. At this stage, the garment may still be modified if any minor adjustments are necessary