"His Tape Measure Encircles the Globe"

By Henry Alford

SOMETIMES opportunity calls, and sometimes opportunity whistles at you from across the street.

The e-mail came one morning in late October. A friend was writing to say that a pop-up Hong Kong tailor — a men’s suit and overcoat and shirt maker who, thrice a year, books a hotel room in which he does customer fittings before scurrying back to...



"Tailored suit boom in spite of

tailor shortage"

By Jane Wells

CNBC's Jane Wells has the story on a tailor shortage in Hong Kong..



"Welcome To Hong Kong"

Video by Angus Bennett & Robin Fall

Bloomberg explores how the rising cost of Hong Kong Island is pushing travellers across Victoria Harbour to stay and explore Tsim Sha Tsui. 



"Elite Hong Kong Tailors Running

Out of Craftsmen"

By Valentin Schmid

"We are seeing an increase in demand in the United States. Tailor-made suits are becoming more and more popular,” says Anthony Asaf, the founder of Empire International Tailors. Empire is one of Hong Kong’s most successful custom made tailors, since 1983."



"When in Hong Kong..."

By Keith Bradsher

The best clue to Empire’s success lies in a battered brown cabinet of steel and glass in the sidewalk store. It is plastered with the business cards of customers. Dozens of Eastman Kodak managers are there, photos of their faces on their cards. So are numerous American diplomats....



"Everything you need to know about

buying a bespoke suit"

By Phillippa Stewart

What to ask, what to look for, how to prepare -- top tailors reveal how to make sure you get what you pay for anywhere in the world..You only have to walk around Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong to find myriad tailors....Empire International... have all received much international press attention.



"Hong Kong's aging master tailors

need a stitch in time"

By Donny Kwok

Anthony Asaf, of Empire Tailors, whose clients include judges and senior executives, sells more suits during his infrequent U.S. trips than from his main outlet in Hong Kong. "As far as overseas business goes, we do as much as we can, not more, because there aren't many young people doing the cutting, stitching end of the process," said Mark, Asaf's 26-year-old son.



"How to have clothes made in Hong Kong"

By Chance E. Gartneer

Visit an established tailor. Shops such Empire International Tailors ( have built their reputations on providing customers with the finest custom-made clothing. Patrons can choose from a variety of suits, including tuxedos, and a number of different dress shirt styles, deciding on different materials and colored fabric..



"Men's Tailors in Hong Kong"

"A family-run tailor shop established in 1983 by brothers Andy and Anthony Asaf, Empire Tailors is one of Hong Kong’s best loved outfitters. With a loyal customer base from around the world, their very own in-house workshop next to their store in East Tsim Sha Tsui is always buzzing"



"What to Wear: Hong Kong"

By Bee Shapiro 

"When it comes to suiting at least. Hong Kong tailors are renowned for making a top-notch suit to measure. Some favorites are in Kowloon including Empire International Tailors.." 


atlantan logo.png

"Rambling Man"

By Candice Dyer

Defying the “ugly American” stereotype at every turn, he bones up on languages and looks the part of continental, in custom suits from Empire International Tailors in Hong Kong. Bliwise currently alights in Buckhead, when he is not reaching for the stars—the kind in The Michelin Guide.



"Shape Shifters: Men’s Suit Designers

Consider Looser Fit"

By Jean E. Palmieri and Alex Badia

(with contributions from Lorelei Marfil, Paulina Szmydke,Alessandra Turra, )

In China, where slim is definitely in, retailers and brands don’t expect a quick shift. Mark Asaf, managing director of Empire International Tailors in Hong Kong, said, “Male fashion icons from major Asian entertainment industries in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are still commonly seen wearing extra-slim and boyish suits, so it seems that the slim suit will be staying around for a while.”



"Bill Clinton’s suit has an Indian gene"

By Nona Walia

"Amid-afternoon call made to Empire International Custom Tailors Ltd. in the Tsim Sha Tsui area along Hong Kong's harbour, to track down Anthony Asaf, went nowhere. It was easier to log on to the store's website, navigate to the 'tours' page, match the date and pin him down at Renaissance Manchester Hotel, City Center. Brussels, Vienna, Frankfurt and Paris hotel rooms is where Asaf is holed up all this month. "Please ask for 'Mr Anthony Asaf 's room' on arrival" is the polite instruction you read at the end of the webpage.


hk hub.jpg

"A First Timer’s Guide to Getting a Custom Made Suit in Hong Kong"

By Joseph Lam

Empire International Tailors have a reputation as one of the best tailors in Hong Kong, a city known for its handmade suits. I got in touch with Mark, easy to do via their website, and set off to meet him and begin my suit.

To my surprise, Mark was young, well-dressed and handsome. I’d always pictured Tailors as men well and truly into their forties who wore driver’s caps and vests. Mark was the third generation born into a family business which has been around since the 80s.



"The ultimate guide to ordering a bespoke tailored suit in Hong Kong"

By The Loop HK

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a world-famous destination for getting quality custom tailored suits. The options are seemingly endless — from shops flaunting suited and booted mannequins in Central to guys grabbing you on the buzzing streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, the city is a lively mecca catering to dapper men of taste and distinction. In fact, the legendary Sean Connery once said, “I know a good tailor in Hong Kong.” (As 007 in “Diamonds are Forever,” 1971, in case you were wondering).


sassy hk.png

"Have Empire Tailors design your man’s best suit ever"

By Sassy HK

Hong Kong’s social scene is filled with galas and events that are so fancy our boyfriend’s everyday suits just won’t cut it. So rather than spend a day scouring the streets of HK, we headed to the tailoring professionals at Empire, who as professional Hong Kong Tailors, knew just what to do when faced with our dilemma.  With 35 years in the game and three generations in the business, the Asaf family at Empire Tailors has built up a solid reputation for putting out some serious suits. When they offered to give us an insight into how to get the best suit made for each occasion, we jumped at the chance. Here’s what we found:..



"Visiting a Tailor in Hong Kong? Be Specific"


HONG KONG — Think of a major city, and you often think of a business. In London, it’s the pub; in Tokyo, the sushi restaurant, and so on. In Hong Kong, it’s the tailor’s shop, home to a magician with cloth who can take your measurements one morning and produce a finished suit the next day. It sounds like a stereotype, but this city of about 7.4 million has hundreds of such businesses, supported by legions of tailors and seamstresses toiling away in drab industrial workrooms tucked into out-of-the-way neighborhoods or across the border in mainland China..



"Best Hong Kong Tailors for Custom-made Suits"

By Graham Turner

This is one of the most popular tailoring houses in Hong Kong, a true local favourite, and a must visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. In fact, such is the lofty nature in which this Tsim Sha Tsui mainstay is regarded, I use it myself – and I have never been disappointed. Their level of care and craft is truly impeccable. A bit of background first – Empire Tailors is a third-generation family-run tailoring house, started in 1983 by brothers Andy and Anthony Asaf. They are still family-run to this day and the Master Tailors working at their onsite workshop are the same small team that have been there since the start.



"The best tailors in Hong Kong"

By Time Out HK

The shop’s reputation derives from its non-rushed, relaxed yet timely approach to bespoke tailoring. Time and care is taken with every single design, all cut and handmade by original Hong Kong master tailors in their on-site workshop just below the TST storefront. Empire’s house cut consists of a generally slim and tapered silhouette with lightly padded shoulders, a modern and ready-for-business look.



Where to get suits made: Tailors in Hong Kong who will have you looking fine

On the hunt for dapper duds? Make your way to Kowloon’s Empire Tailors. The family-run business have been making bespoke suits since 1983. From standout suits for a power move to sleek tuxedos for a black-tie affair, you know you can trust Empire Tailors to help you look your best.



"Hong Kong Tailors Stage 1-Day Suit Fitting Marathon In San Francisco"

By CBC Local



5 Luxurious Things to Do in Hong Kong

First things first, if you’re going to enjoy Hong Kong in style, then you’ve got to look the part, and it just so happens that our beloved city is one of the best places in the world to get a tailored suit. While there are several tailoring houses that have earned a dazzling reputation over the years, there’s one that has truly stood the test of time – since 1983 anyway ..


hk hub.jpg

25 Cool Things To Do in Hong Kong

Savvy travellers know that Hong Kong is one of the top cities to get a quality suit that won’t break the bank, and one of the better-known tailors in the city is Empire Tailors



Tailor: "Power brokers moving to a more ‘Obama-like’ fit"


Anthony Asaf has been tailoring for the high-powered, high-profile men in Washington for years, coming in from Hong Kong to create bespoke suits, shirts and ties. We caught up with the tailor last week while in town for his thrice-yearly visits.