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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you take to make a suit/shirt?
A: Normally the quickest we can complete an order is 3-4 business days, however if time is not an issue we recommend allowing 10-15 days. We can only fully confirm the time required to complete your order once we have understood your requirements and met you in person.
What is the price of...?
A: The price depends on the grade of fabric selected. Suits start at US $599/ HK $4672, Shirts at US $51/ HK $399, Tuxedos at US $749/ HK $5842
Do you do women's clothing?
A: We are a men's tailor, however we can do basic women's suits. We can only confirm whether we can place your order or not once we have met you in person and have understood your requirements.
How many fittings do I need?
A: Typically for a basic suit/shirt we suggest 2 fittings, however the exact number of fittings required depends on one's size, body shape etc.
I am a new customer and I am not in Hong Kong, how do I order?
A: You may visit our appointments page and leave your information. We will notify you once we have plans to visit your area.
Do I have to make an appointment to visit your shop?
A: You are most welcome to walk-in, however we recommend contacting us in advance to prepare us for your visit.
I have bought from you before and I'd like to place a new order, how will that work? Do you still have my measurements?
A: You may fill out our "order online" form and we will mail you a collection of fabrics to look at. We have your most recent size and fit pattern on file. The final goods will be mailed to you.
Do you do alterations?
A: If the clothes were purchased from us, yes. If your size has changed and you need to be re-fitted our tailors will charge for the alterations.
I am special, do I get a special discount...?
A: Our prices are non-negotiable and we charge everyone equally.
I only have a couple of days in Hong Kong, can you ship?
A: We don't take orders without fittings. If you can come in for at least one fitting, we can mail the completed items to you. However, you must acknowledge that any adjustments required upon receipt are your responsibility.


Hong Kong Store

Shop No-6, G/F, Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Sun 10am-4pm

Contact us for appointments      (walk-ins welcome)  

Address in Chinese : 

香港九龍尖沙咀東麼地道63號好時中心地下6 號 (香格里拉酒店斜對面)

Telephone: + (852) 2723 2673