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Since 1983..

For locals and visitors alike, getting a suit stitched in Hong Kong's bustling Kowloon district has always been a popular activity. The ability to put one together in 24 hours has earned the city's tailors a global reputation for speediness. However, many believe that the idea of such reckless speed defeats the whole purpose of getting a suit tailor-made. Tucked away in the quieter part of Kowloon, Empire International Tailors practices a timely yet more delicate form of bespoke tailoring. Since its founding in 1983 by Anthony Asaf the eldest of three brothers, the family-run business has distinguished itself with a philosophy focused on quality and personalization. Overseen by Anthony himself, each garment is handmade in Empire’s workshop by master tailors with an average of 40 years in the field. Measurements, fit requirements, and other individual details are carefully studied to mold a well-fitted and comfortable garment for the wearer. Empire’s successful approach to bespoke tailoring has helped it earn it's reputation as a favored and reliable spot in Hong Kong’s world-famous tailoring scene. 



Awards & Certificates

Empire International Tailors Hong Kong Tailors Officlal Awards Badge
Best Tailors In Hong Kong TripAdvisor 2016 Certificate Of Excellence For Hong Kong Suits



"Over my 10 years in the suiting business I have learned that bespoke tailoring is indeed a unique and beautiful form of art, one which has been passed on for generations. Practicing the business side of it successfully requires a tremendous amount of patience and personal attention as it involves a delicate process. Being part of a family-run tailoring establishment which has been around for almost 40 years, we take every aspect of our work personally. Transparency, good relationships, good image, respect, and positive energy, have always been fundamental building blocks of our business model and reflect our own family values as well. We believe that such values come in handy when crafting a beautiful and enjoyable garment for someone, because the process relies heavily on the communication and understanding between the tailor and the wearer....and of course hours of intense labor backed by decades of invaluable experience. Both are important things we pride ourselves in having, but our mission will always be to continue them and perfect them in every way"

Mark Asaf

Managing Director