By Mischa Moselle

 FEBRUARY 11 2019

The last time I ordered a suit from a tailor, the first President Bush was running the United States and Mikhail Gorbachev was just about clinging on to power in the Soviet Union. I was lucky to walk out of the shop not wearing a double-breasted garment  last thought fashionable by Al Capone and his crew in 1930.




“I didn’t know I needed a bespoke

suit — and now I might be addicted”

By Nick Ferguson

 JANUARY 29th 2019

A properly tailored suit is one of those things I didn’t know I needed (or wanted) until I got one.

And it’s not just the fact that the fit is perfect — I’m a pretty normal shape and I’ve never really struggled to buy a suit off the peg — it’s also the ability to choose every little detail from the lining to the style of buttonholes, to the precise amount of padding in the shoulders, and many things I had no idea I cared about.



a leung.jpg

“Why Hong Kong Is The Best Place In The World To Get A Tailored Suit”

 By Alexander Leung

Suit up! They say there are only a few articles of clothing a man really needs to own in his life. “A nice suit” is almost always listed at the top of this list, however, the reasons why are almost always unclear. Fact is, there are hundreds of details visible on a suit that can fully reflect your personality and style. Ever wonder why in the tv series, “Suits,” you instinctively know Harvey is the leader and Mike is the understudy? If you understand peak lapels, Milanese buttonholes, side vents, and flapped pockets, you’d catch what the producers of the show are trying to convey - that a suit can speak volumes about your character and style in one of the most profound yet subtle ways possible.. READ FULL



“The ultimate guide to ordering a bespoke tailored suit in Hong Kong”

By Mark Asaf

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a world-famous destination for getting quality custom tailored suits. The options are seemingly endless — from shops flaunting suited and booted mannequins in Central to guys grabbing you on the buzzing streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, the city is a lively mecca catering to dapper men of taste and distinction. In fact, the legendary Sean Connery once said, “I know a good tailor in Hong Kong.” (As 007 in “Diamonds are Forever,” 1971, in case you were wondering). READ FULL



“My Custom Suit Fitting”

by Bruce Henderson (men’s wear wednesday: the custom suit (guest author)) / SOURCE: Chelsea Chronicles

Last week when I launched my new weekly menswear column, I did it with a sense of panic. Do I know enough about what men (and the women who dress them) want in their closets to be informative to my readers? With that spirit in mind, I turn my blog over this week to my dad, to let him detail a wardrobe encounter I haven’t and probably won’t ever have: ordering custom-made suits.

Hong Kong tailors have long been famous for their custom-made suits. And now it turns out you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have one made.




Linen suit or seersucker suit? Dos and don’ts for a slick summer suit

By Rob Garratt

It is one of the great injustices of life that formal occasions expect women to strip off, while paradoxically demanding men suit up. And seemingly, the grander the ceremony, the more layers men are expected to squeeze into – why not add a waistcoat between that heavy jacket and sweaty shirt? – while simultaneously encouraging the fairer gender to don ever skimpier portions of fabric.

In chilly European nations, where such sexist traditions were no doubt born, it might have made sense for the drooling but ruling masculine class to insist their women bared all while they buckled up. But in the hotter climates which today increasingly call the geopolitical shots, tradition has come back to bite the brute-er gender in its woollen-clad posterior.