Similar to a custom suit..

..a custom-made shirt can involve a large variety of options from styles, fits, and fabrics. Start off by picking a fabric, which can vary between different blends weights, and a huge array of colors and patterns.

Patterns usually range from stripes, solids, checks, and many more. Once you’ve chosen your fabric(s) of choice, the tailor will take your measurements.

You will then be shown options for collars and cuffs. Some examples for collars include English spread collar (a wider cut collar with points further apart), semi-spread collar, or a button down collar. Cuffs range between French cuff, and barrel button cuff with different shape options.


Initials on your shirts are also an option. Usually placed on the left cuff, occasionally on the lower left front of the shirt.

Following the style and fabric selection step, comes the fitting. Usually, the tailor will have you try on a draft of your shirts before your actual shirts are constructed. This allows us get on the same page and to play with a template before making the actual shirts, since alterations with shirts are limited.

These are only the basics when it comes to styling and fit. Remember if you have something specific in mind its always good to bring in pictures showing what you want, this allows us to discuss your requirements and deliver them the best way possible.