Custom Sport Jackets


Casually worn..

Sports jackets can be tailored differently to a suit jacket. Often the only and main difference really is the length of a sport jacket tends to be slightly shorter than that of a suit jacket, for a less formal look. However, if your style tends to lean more towards a traditional or classic cut, that doesn’t have to be the case.


Wide window panes, hound’s tooth, and textured solids like hop-sack are popular patterns (or a simple linen or seersucker for summer). Aside from being open to fancier more patterned fabrics, people also often try to distinguish a sport jacket from a suit jacket with a certain styling tweaks such as patch pockets, peak lapels, and half- or no lining, coloring on some button holes, and lesser or no padding in the shoulders at all. These are all optional customization features that can be discussed during your fitting appointment.